Using SwamiCharts Predict

Swami Predict is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) filtering techniques.  Green indicates a bullish condition, red indicates a bearish condition, and yellow is indeterminate.

Swami Predict gives you an early view of the change of price movements by varying the calculation period over a range of periods and displaying price movement to the upside in green and price movement to the downside in red. As a result you see both the early stages of a price movement for the shorter periods and a measure of the persistence of the movement for longer periods toward the top of the chart.

By viewing the below chart of Apple (AAPL) you can easily see that SwamiPredict indicated a bullish trend in late June.  Just recently we have begun to see a yellow “indeterminate” signal coming from the indicator.  Also, by pairing this information with the Swami SwingWave indicator one might be hesitant to invest at these prices.  The SwingWave has recently been detecting a possible “peak” as illustrated by the emerging orange coloration.


*You can download the set of Classic Swami indicators here.  These indicators include Swami versions of Aroon, CCI, RSI, and Stochastics.

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