Swami RSI Chart Analysis

It is easy to see the benefit to using SwamiCharts by comparing the functionality of Swami indicators with the originals. Take, for instance, the Swami RSI which displays upside price movements in green and downside price movements in red. Swami RSI is easier to interpret and provides additional info for pattern continuation due to its rendering over an entire range of lookback periods.

To elaborate, many traders will read an RSI oscillator to gauge whether a stock is overbought or oversold. And, although one can precisely tell when that RSI crosses over a certain numerical value, the predictive strength of the indicator is never known. In fact, there is still disagreement over how long the lookback period should be for RSI analysis. This is a tremendous oversight considering how a lookback period of 8 bars will generate a very different result than if the period were 21 bars. SwamiCharts was designed to specifically address this issue.

Fundamentally speaking, Amazon’s cloud business is growing like crazy, and could hit $1 billion in revenue next year according to analysts, Reuters reports. Right now Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing unit, is small enough that Amazon doesn’t report its revenue, but according to estimates, it generated $500 million in revenue last year and will do $750 million this year–a 50% growth rate, which is impressive for such a large unit.

I completely believe that if Amazon really hits these milestones it will be a big event for the company and could substantially move prices higher.

*Swami RSI and other classic indicators are FREE to download at http://www.swamicharts.com/Swami/Classics.aspx

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