Pioneer Natural Resources Exit Signal

Hey guys, I just received an exit signal for Pioneer Natural Resources from  As the long signal suggested, I was only in the position for one day and left with a positive profit of .25%.  After doing some research I discovered that, for the past 5 years, the company has had no positive cash flow.  In fact, their net income margin drops to one of the lowest levels in comparison to similar companies.  And speaking of comparable companies, now that you’re out of PXD, I suggest you take a look at Noble Corporation.  They’re an excellent company that posses one of the highest returns on invested capital over the last 5-10 years, averaging out at around 30-35%.  For more information check out

Additional Company Info: Pioneer Natural Resources Company engages in the exploration and production of oil and gas in the United States, South Africa, and Tunisia. It produces crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids (NGLs). The company primarily holds interests in the Spraberry oil field located in West Texas, the Raton gas field located in southern Colorado, the Hugoton gas field located in southwest Kansas, and the West Panhandle gas field located in the Texas Panhandle.

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